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Misc UAA Servers

[b00bs] EURO Uptown CTF (b00bs-clan.com) [UAA]
PLAYERS: 16 / 32
PLAYERS: 10 / 22
|WC|'s Dark Forrest 24/7 [UAA]
PLAYERS: 0 / 24
|WC|'s Chicago CTF [UAA]
PLAYERS: 0 / 24
[b00bs] EURO PussyParadise TDM (b00bs-clan.com) [UAA]
PLAYERS: 0 / 25

* UAA Network Ban

Urban Terror Admin Alliance has developed a script in which it takes banlists from trusted/affiliated servers and aggregates all the bans together. You are free to use it on your servers.

Features of UAA banlist: Contains an updated list of aimbot/wallhack related bans. This list can be used in servers with and without B3.

Here are the Affiliates and the banlists we filter from:
Powerban (French UrT community banlist)

Banlist: We have published two banlists that can be used with B3, and two that can be used for UrT servers without b3.

Appeals: http://urtadmins.net/index.php?topic=166.0

For more information, please click here..

Straight from FrozenSand

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